Get your media inventory moving!

Over a decade’s experience in the OOH industry has earned us the trust of a wide range of media buyers. By putting your transit media inventory on our platform you are guaranteed the attention of our longstanding clients. Systematically organized and digitized, we present your OOH inventory in a manner designed to enhance the value of your properties.

  • Tamper Proof Audits

    Reduce the risk of delayed payments and unsatisfied clients with a 100% tamper proof system.

    Your operations and sales teams can use our Monitoring App to click and upload, time-stamped and geo-tagged, pictures to a centralized server. This Proof of Display could be used as Audit Reports to support the invoicing process.

  • Real-time Media Tracker

    With a mobile in every pocket, communicating with your field sales and operations teams has become easier, but we take it a step further.

    Our simple-to-use media tracking application keeps your teams constantly connected; making it easy to update, access and share inventory availability. And, better still; you get to retain a photo log of all campaigns without using up your precious mobile phone memory!

  • Real-time Media Tracker

    Turn your chaotic paperwork into logical online lists that are easily searchable.

    Our dedicated team will support you through the entire process of sorting and organizing your invaluable transit media portfolio.

    To list your media -

    • Call us at (please add phone number)
    • Email your inventory to (please add actual email address)
    • Click here to create your FREE account and upload directly
  • All Media Welcome

    Whether you have fleet of taxis, own a truck or have a contract with Indian Railways, you will need access to the best and the most well paying clients to turn a profit.

    From Auto Rickshaws to Aircrafts, From Trucks to Trains, we provide anequal smartplatform for all types of transit displays

  • Quick and Professional Proposals

    You know that the right pitch can get you the deal, but making the perfect proposal is a time consuming business.

    We save you time and effort by rendering individual campaign specs such as dates and duration, availability of vehicles and desired locations, into comprehensive and professional looking Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations, ready to be shared with your client with just a click.

  • Easy Billing and Payments

    Our end-to-end invoicing system generates invoices in 3 simple steps.

Step 01

Auto-Generate draft Invoices using campaign specs and supporting documents such as Proof of Display.

Step 02

Make changes or corrections to reflect any mid-campaign modifications

Step 03

Print and send invoices by post or as a PDF attachment via email

Upgrade to Amazing Ease of Doing Business

With our easy-to- use and clever Dashboard, you can

Manage your business easily - control your inventory, schedule bookings, and track all your clients and campaigns from one platform.

Make informed decisions - Our integrated analytical tools provide rich visual insights, such as pie charts, graphs and reports and to help you make the right choices.