The Problem

Marketing, Merchandising & Store Teams who spend several man hours in planning, producing, installing
and monitoring media collaterals across stores however still wish they could do so effectively & accurately.

Customers Lost to competition
Struggle in presenting offers in an engaging manner
Media communication planning
devoid of
intelligent store data based on
heat maps and analytics

Wasted man hours in compiling field
audit reports, collating photographs and
sending numerous mails across regions
Inaccurate Audits leading to loss of brand recall and share of customer’s wallet disbursal

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The Solution

All retail point of sale merchandise/media inventory is maintained in a central multimedia
interactive repository

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Amazing Benfits

Increased Revenue, Optimized Manpower & Improved Cash Flows


    Real time Media Tracker

    our simple-to-use Media Tracking Application will
    keep your entire team constantly connected; making
    it easy to update, access and share media availability
    from anywhere and at anytime


    Map View

    your inventory will be integrated with popular
    web-based maps to create a custom list of ALL
    your properties; your entire inventory will be listed
    and sorted geographically, with pictures and detailed
    floor layouts.


    Make your Brand/Offers stand out

    we will help you present offers in a manner designed
    to pique the interest of your customers. From standees
    leds to signage's ,our platformwill showcase your relevant
    inventory, highlighting audience segments along
    with detailed specifications, images and even location
    on your floor layout.


    Quick Bulk Upload- Digitized,
    uploaded and organized

    media inventory based on specifications such as size,
    material, illumination, location / placement, price,
    and availability.


    Quick and Professional Proposals

    Our Quick Proposal tool is designed to ease your bidding
    process. Now you can generate detailed campaign-based
    availability proposals in a matter of minutes.


    100% Transparent Campaign Audits

    Our Monitoring App is designed to build this transparency
    and efficiency into the system. Your operations and sales
    teams can download and install our audit app on their
    mobiles and use it to click and upload, time-stamped and
    geo-tagged, pictures to a centralized server.
    This Proof of Display could be used as Audit Reports to
    support the invoicing process.


    Easy Invoicing and Collections

    We take the pain out of your billing process.
    Our end-to-end invoicing system generates invoices
    in 3 simple steps

  • Step 1: Auto-Generate draft Invoices using campaign specs
    and supporting documents such as Proof of Display
  • Step 2: Make changes or corrections to reflect
    any mid-campaignmodifications
  • Step 3: Print and send invoices by post or as a PDF
    attachment via email