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  1. This Privacy Policy explains the collection, receipt, possession, storage or handling of your information by the Company (or its affiliates / associates) in relation to Company’s website – and / or any other related applications or platforms (‘Website’) (through any medium whatsoever including through any internet connected device, whether computers or portable devices). By using/accessing the Website or by registering on the Website, you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy and you provide your consent to the Company collecting, possessing, storing, and handling your personal / sensitive information and also to the use thereof. Terms used herein but not specifically defined shall have the meaning accorded to them under the User Agreement.

  2. Please note that the Company may, at its discretion, amend, alter, update, replace or otherwise modify the whole or any part of the Privacy Policy, from time to time. You are required to monitor / check this Privacy Policy periodically / or as you may deem appropriate, to stay on top of any such changes that may be made. You agree that your continued access/use of the Website shall constitute acceptance of such amended terms and as such, you shall be bound by the terms thereof. Please note that where any third party link / product is hosted on the Website (such as any payment portal), your use / access thereof may cause to leave the Website / our servers, and as such you will be subject to the Privacy Policy / Terms of Use prescribed by such third party.

  3. We collect, process, store and handle your information when you access the Website:

    Registration Information: Address of the office or properties, employee names, contact numbers, e-mail IDs etc. will be used to effectively deliver our technology solution. We require other users to see these details in case they can be potential customers, vendors or collaborators depending on the type of services you may have opted for at the time of sign up.

    Other information you give us: Media Inventory Data such as Dimensions, Material Specifications and various other details, demographic distribution / data of your customers in general or for specific properties will be used to let you or your clients smartly search, select & add inventory in campaigns. The critical confidential data such as Client Details & Campaigns Detail of your clients or vendors, prices offered will be completely confidential and only visible to authorised users of your account.

    Information collected automatically: We may track your visits to our website through own or third party web analytics tools to deliver solutions in a better way or to optimise our marketing campaigns.

    Information from other sources: Data such as Traffic data at various important roads, Latitude / Longitude of your properties, Demographic Distribution for various types of properties such as Malls or Official Areas can be obtained through sponsored research or from third party research companies and can be used to show along with your properties data or benchmark your inventories or properties.

    In the event, you provide any information about third parties (including personal or sensitive information pertaining to them), you shall do so only with their express consent. Please note that any information that is otherwise freely available in the public domain will not be considered as ‘your information’ or as your personal or sensitive information. Similarly, any information that is published/posted/uploaded/shared by you on public sections of the Website or elsewhere will not be considered ‘your information’ or as your personal or sensitive information.

  4. The Company respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information. Please note that the Company does not sell your personal information to any third parties without your express consent. Your information is used for optimizing your use of / access to the Website, and for improving our products / services. Your information may also be used in connection with:

    1. Providing you a customized experience of the Website, including personalization of your experience per your use and preferences
    2. Providing customer service
    3. Contacting you in connection with your use/access of the Website or any other service / product availed by you
    4. Monitoring Website usage
    5. Monitoring / addressing issues relating to security, prohibited or unlawful use
    6. Enforcing the terms of the User Agreement
    7. Providing services / products availed by you in the Website, and offering / marketing other related services or products including in connection with your use / access of the Website
    8. Providing / offering location specific services based on your location
    9. General advertising / marketing purposes;
    10. Other purposes including billing, payments, Data formatting / clean up etc.
    11. Sending you white-papers, newsletters or other information or communication including updates or offers pertaining to the Website or your use thereof;
    12. Contacting you through e-mail, phone calls, text messages or otherwise including in connection with the above.

  5. Period of retention: The Company shall store and retain any information for such duration as it may deem necessary for our operations and / or to enforce the terms of the User Agreement or in connection with resolving disputes, if any that may arise. You further authorize us to retain Data for such periods as we deem necessary even though your registration on the website may cease to be valid (for any reason whatsoever). After, the storage thereof is deemed to be no longer necessary, such information is securely disposed of as soon as reasonably practical for the Company to do so. After your registration ceases / lapses, upon your request the Company may, at its discretion (and if it is of the opinion that) and no additional costs / effort / inconvenience is caused to the Company or its employees, the Company may provide a hard copy of the Data to you. However, this shall not be read as imposing any obligation on the Company whatsoever.

  6. Disclosure to third parties: While the Company strives to minimize the disclosure of your information to any third parties, please note that disclosure to third parties may nevertheless be required in connection with your access/use of the Website, the provision of any product/services in relation thereto, monitoring website use, or and in connection with advertising / marketing purposes. By using / accessing the Website, you consent, agree and acknowledge that the Company may share your information with any third parties as envisaged under the User Agreement. The Company may share information with its holding / subsidiary Company or its affiliates/associates, its successors in interest, and also its employees, other personnel engaged by it or its representatives (or such persons belong to such other entities) for any reason, including in relation to your use / access of the Website, the provision of any products / services in relation thereto. The Company may also share information with any third party service providers who may be engaged by the Company for the provision of any services in relation to the Website or to whom any part of the Company’s operations may be outsourced. In such cases, the Company will typically execute appropriate confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with such persons. The Company may also disclosure your information to its financial partners (banks / payment gateways) in connection with any payment portal / gateway or other facility that such partners may make available in relation to the Website. The Company may also disclose any information in compliance with any statutory or legal requirement, at the request of any court, forum or any statutory or governmental body or authority, at the request of any law enforcement agencies.

  7. Review: Please note that the Company is not, in any manner whatsoever, responsible or liable for the accuracy or authenticity of any information provided by you. Please take care to ensure that all information provided by you is accurate. If you are a registered user, you may, at any time log in to the Website, and review / modify the information provided by you and displayed on the Website. In other cases, where any information provided by you is inaccurate, and you make a written complaint to review / amend such information, the Company will in good faith take such efforts as may be feasible to amend such inaccurate or deficient information. However, please note that there may be cases where reviewing / modifying your information (such as in cases where the information is published or shared with third parties), may not be feasible or may involve disproportionate time, effort and costs or may jeopardize the privacy of others or may be extremely impractical. In such cases, the Company may decline to entertain requests to amend / modify any information.

  8. Withdrawal of consent: In the event you are desirous of withdrawing your consent, you may do so, and in such cases, the Company shall have option of not providing you access to the Website / any services or products thereunder.

  9. Security measures: We have implemented reasonable security measures and practices in relation to your information protection. Some such measures include firewalls, password encryption, sensitive data encryption etc. However, please note that no security system is impenetrable.

  10. Grievance Redressal: Please address any complaints / queries to the Grievance Redressal Officer Mr. Rahul Sharma at

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